Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lotto Sellers Besiege NLA. Over Non-Functioning Machines

Lotto Sellers Besiege NLA. Over Non-Functioning Machines
 Date: 10-Oct-2012          

Angry lotto sellers last Thursday besieged the offices of National Lottery Authority (NLA) following the shut down of the automated machines.

The machines have been shut down by Editec, a UK based company which was contracted to supply them through another company called Simnet Ghana Limited.

A letter chanced upon by BUSINESS GUIDE revealed that Editec UK Limited had threatened in June 2012 to shut down the computerized gaming system if its monthly services payments, which is outstanding for four months were not effected.

Simnet Ghana Limited, after some months, pursued the case legally and dragged the NLA to court over the non-payment of the monthly services of the automated system upon, which the court directed the Authority to pay 50 per cent of all outstanding invoiced sums.

In separate interviews with some of the Lotto Sellers, they said that automated machines went off on Wednesday, October 2012, a few hours after they had sold a few tickets on line to some of their clients.

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