These are the Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1: Could we ask you for your mobile phone number?

A1:  Certainly!! My number is located below. Just keep reading. Sorry, but by doing this, you'll scroll down and perhaps you'll see an ad on the right side that you like. Please do not abuse my number, k?

These are the rules:

1. Send some kind of load if you wish to be replied upon. Just to straighten things, you are not required to purchase load but if you want an immediate reply.... Get the message? It would be very tricky if when everytime you text, I would still be the one to look for load just to reply to you, wouldn't it? Now that would be tough. No load, no reply.

I can not promise to text you back especially if I have already posted the numbers. Only when I'm absent. You'll know when I'm absent if when it's already about 12:00 noon (Philippine time) and the pages still are not updated.

2. And do not call. No voice calls. Text only. All voice calls will be rejected. Text messages without load will go unanswered as well.

Do not abuse my number, k? There are some of us who when told not to abuse, will call/text you in the middle of the night. Well, it may well be OK if we'll also make some cash in the morning with your calls/text in the middle of the night but if you are still going to ask me for tips, couldn't you put together your requests for tomorrow?

Q2: How do we know that you just did not stick the winning numbers over?

A2:  Nah! You will not be on familiar terms with my tips unless you keep coming back to my site, regularly. I guess you just have to trust me not to tamper with my tips.  Why? I could always go over and patch it up. Why not? But as the placard that was posted on our schoolyard many years ago whispered, "Honesty is the best.... uhmmm.... best things come in small packages". Hehe. :-)

If you really, truly are a doubting Thomas, just keep coming back to my site so that you won't say this one or that one is tampered with. With the exception of someone hacking into my account and switching the numbers to something else.

Q3: Your tips are so numerous. Couldn't you provide us with just a tiny amount?? Napakahirap tuhogin!

A3: Anong tuhogin? Ano 'to barbecue dahil tutuhogin? :-)

I will try to provide you with a smaller quantity of tips. I am making an effort of providing my visitors with just a small quantity of tips. It would be akin to selecting numbers at random if I'd just provide you with a small quantity of tips. However as you can see, I have them partitioned into compartments. You may choose numbers only from the first compartment if you want a more manageable listing but I would suggest taking your picks from both compartments if you want the best chances of winning. So, if you'll just let me have the better part of discretion, we will find ways. :-)

Q4: So, how do we win 3D/Suertres?

A4: Beats me. If I were you, I would pick  the Hot numbers, rumble them and give it some time. You could establish a kinda group/company/syndicate/pool with your friends, coworkers, acquaintances, classmates, relatives or family members, pool your money collectively and troop to your favorite lottery outlet or invite your neighborhood usher over to place your bets together in order to spread out the damage. :-)

Q5: Are you connected with the PCSO?

A5: No. Of course not. If I was connected with the PCSO, do you think I'd still be providing you with tips? That I'd be biting the hands that feed me?

I'm doing this independently. On my own. I work for no one. I am free!!

Even if I was connected with the PCSO, do you think we would be able to provide you with numbers that are sure to hit? That anyone inside the PCSO really knows what numbers will come out for tonight's draw? I do not suppose so.

Q6: Do you also provide 6D tips?

A6: No. Not now. I may start providing you with 6D tips once 6D is implemented nationwide. As of now, no. I'd advise you to look elsewhere.

Q7: What about 4D tips? Do you also provide 4D tips?

A7: Yes. My 4D tips are at http://4dtips.50webs.com. Although, it would be not really be 4D tips at all. It's just last two tips. Last two sells like hotcakes in places where it is being played. We could earn a cool 700 bucks for every 10 peso play. I would be slowly ditching 4D Tips in favor of 3D/Suertres Tips and other pursuits. Click here to go to Philippine 4D/Last Two Lotto Tips.

Q8: What about Midday and Afternoon 3D/Suertres tips? Do you also provide Midday and Afternoon 3D/Suertres tips?

A8: No. Although these tips are made for the evening games only, try them on Midday and Afternoon games. You never know. In fact, you may find that if you apply these numbers to the Midday and Afternoon draws, you will hit in next to no time. :-)

Q9: Why should I send you part of my winnings? I won all this money.

A9: That may be true but didn't someone help you win? Well, help me out too. I sure could use some help over here. Financial and otherwise. Be nice. Don't be greedy. Reciprocate. Or I will have to make drastic changes here. There will be modifications with the way things are done. Just you watch out!! :-(

This may come to you as a surprise but I am a person with disabilities. Yes, you read that right. I am a person with different abilities. I can not talk. My right hand is paralyzed. It is always clenched up in a fist. I have only partial control of my left hand. My left hand is clenched up in a fist too. I draw on the functional use of my foot when texting and typing so when you give me a ring and you do not regard me seriously, I just want you to know that you're already an inconvenient hassle, a thorny problem, a nuisance. Nakaka-abala na kayo.!! If you've been wondering why I do not pick up the phone when you call, well now you know.

So how do you type if your hands are clenched, you may ask? The thumbs. I can still use my left thumb an as I said above, my left foot. It is slow but it gets the job done.

Therefore, if you are counting on me for tips or are using my tips and you will not send me a cut from your winnings or consciously misdeclare your winnings, wouldn't that not be akin to stealing money from a person with disabilities? Stealing is wrong. Stealing is a crime. It is all the more wicked when you steal from the least of your brethren. I know you wouldn't steal from the disabled in real life, so why are you doing it to me? You think nobody's watching? Oh man, I just hope the good Lord above blesses you. Ya know, God moves in mysterious ways.

I know some of you are troubled by my eye-opening disclosure, well you should be because while I am trying to do my best to help you, some of you are just goofing up by supplying me false and misleading information and texting me with different SIM's and do not even try to assist me out here. There's no need to be troubled however if from now on, you change your ways. Just try to be honest with me and I'll try to forgive and forget. :-)

Very simply, what I'm voicing out is that if you hit with my tips, congratulations. However, if you text me, you will be compelled to give me part of the winnings. So, please do not text me if you do not have any money to play the lotto or if you do not intend to take me seriously, k?

Q10: OK. Where do I send you your cut if we win?

You may send it through the Kwarta Padala out there such as Western Union, LBC, MLhullier, Cebuana Lhullier and the others. Inform me first when you hit or just want to donate out of benevolent and caring considerations so I can tell you who or where to send the money to

You may find me on Facebook

My Smart number is


Abuse this number and you might find yourself in a painful situation!!  :-)

No more Globe/TM, Sun or any other network's numbers. I'm sticking with Smart. Anyway, I may change my mind and take that back if Globe/TM or Sun offers us LOAD THAT DOES NOT EXPIRE. You know what I mean by this. By offering us this, what I mean is when we buy load worth P300 (three hundred) pesos for example, it must not expire within 2 (two) months but until we have used all of it up. I really don't care if each text costs us P1.00 (one peso) each as long as it does not expire within 2 (two) months. Until then, I'm sticking with Smart. :-)

Before sending me the money please ask where I would want it sent. I might ask you to send it to an alternate account. Thanks. And oh, send  load, K?

Same as above. Before sending load, please text and ask first if I have load. I might answer you if I have load. However, if you will not receive a reply, that means I do not have any load. This would be a good time to send me some load.

I will try to answer everyone who initiates contact by text as long as I have load. Just wait a while for a reply by text before sending load. I'll make myself available when I'm available. Remember... No load, no reply. Are we clear? K, class dismissed. Have a good day.

 Peace, out. :-)....

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