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August 14 2012 Philippine Suertres/Swertres Tips and Lotto Results

Gov’t threatens to blow up illegal structures, pens
By Michael Lim Ubac
Philippine Daily Inquirer
1:41 am | Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Action speaks louder than words when it comes to almost everything, including issuing threats to squatters’ homes that clog waterways.

Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson on Saturday said the national government would go to the extent of blowing up structures that block waterways to ease flooding in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon.

Tough talk

If only MalacaƱang can translate his words into action and finally muster the political will to relocate 125,000 families in the metropolis alone.

Following a Cabinet meeting presided over by President Aquino, Singson disclosed plans to “blast all of the illegal pens in waterways” in Laguna Lake and to “remove” all obstructions within water channels in Luzon to solve, once and for all, the perennial flooding in these areas.

At a briefing, Singson said the government would forcibly remove all illegal structures to clear water channels of all “obstructions,” be they houses or fish pens.

The President created an interagency body headed by Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo to implement this plan.

“I have identified a little over … 125,000 families on waterways alone in Metro Manila and about 60,000 to 70,000 in waterways around Laguna Lake that should not have been there,” Singson said.

He said the government had started removing illegal structures. “I just received instructions from the President that [if] push comes to shove, we will have to blast the houses if they won’t leave within a certain period. And we [will] just continue to meet with the LGUs. I think, it has come to a point that we will have to set a deadline when they should be [removed].”

Singson recalled that during the term of President Fidel Ramos, the government brought in the military to “blast all the illegal fish pens in the waterways.”

Singson hinted that the directive could include structures within water channels in the Pampanga delta.

He described “natural floodplains,” such as the Pampanga delta as “high-risk areas” for floods and thus not suitable for residential, commercial or industrial use.

“They have to be removed,” Singson said.

He said the intention was not to have any settlements in these floodplains. “There should be no houses in these places because they are expected to be flooded every time there’s rain.”

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Wow!! Tough talk, Singson... Now let's see you walk the walk.

These are today's Suertres/Swertres Lotto tips; Yesterday's results are at the bottom


Yesterday's Philippine PCSO Draw Results
For August 13, 2012 Monday

EZ2 Lotto
Morning 11am: 17-03
Afternoon 4pm: 27-27
Evening 9pm: 31-19
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

Suertres Lotto Luzon Vis-Min
Morning 11:00 am: 9-3-9
Afternoon 4:00 pm: 3-2-2
Evening 9:00 pm: 4-3-7
Winning numbers in exact order
Php: 4,500 per 10 peso play

4Digit Luzon & Vismin
9pm: 6-6-1-3
Winning numbers in exact order

Mega 6/45 National Lottery
Current Jackpot: Php 27,005,724.00
Winning numbers in any order

Grand 6/55 Lotto
Current Jackpot: Php 100,548,763.20
Winning numbers in any order

For best results, it is suggested to always employ rumble on the tips above.
* = Hot Numbers
** = Very Hot Numbers

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