Thursday, June 28, 2012

$30 million lotto this Saturday

$30 million lotto this Saturday
28th June 2012 9:22 AM

WASTING away the days in a little pub tucked away somewhere in Ireland - this is how Carol Sommerfield would spend her $30 million.

That is if the owner of High Street News' numbers are drawn this Saturday night when thousands of people will cross their fingers and toes in the hope of winning the Gold Lotto $30 million mid-year Megadraw.

"First of all I would pay off the mortgage and sell the business," she said.

Ticket sales in what is the biggest Saturday Gold Lotto draw in 2012 have been steady so far.

But Mrs Sommerfield said she was expecting things to get a little more frantic closer to the actual draw.

"We've already sold a few syndicates and we always see a lot more people buying tickets on the Friday and Saturday," she said.

The lotto veteran said she would stick to her usual numbers despite her husband's intentions.

"We have used the same numbers for years and they are all significant birthdays," she said.

"My husband wants to do away with them but I won't let him.

"I don't want to be that person that changes their numbers just before they are drawn. We've all heard the stories of it happening."

The Saturday Gold Lotto $30 million mid-year Megadraw will be aired on Channel Seven at approximately 8.40pm this Saturday.

The winning numbers will be made available on the Golden Casket website shortly after the draw.

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