Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Peoples’ Initiative vs pork draws thousands to Luneta

“Congress will not enact the needed law abolishing pork, so it is up to us people to do it. And that’s what we’re doing now.” – Sr. Mary John Mananzan


MANILA — Up to 20,000 gathered in Luneta (Rizal Park) from 6 a.m. to early afternoon Aug 25 (Monday) for the “second of many steps” to be done for the people’s initiative to abolish pork. Early in the morning, the Aquino government also deployed truckloads of soldiers in battle gear from the Philippine Army, Marines and Navy, aside from police contingent, purportedly to secure the vicinity of the park. The deployment was aired live on television and radio as the first booths were being put up at the park.

In her speech early into the program, Sr. Mary John Mananzan of Abolish Pork Movement shared the events surrounding the “first step,” and that was last week’s People’s Congress, participated in by more than a thousand mass leaders, anti-pork activists and church people in Cebu, followed by a gathering for the first signup drive at Plaza Independencia in the same city. The second step is the Aug. 25 Luneta gathering, said Mananzan. The gathering also marked the first anniversary of the Million People March against Pork.

At the Luneta gathering, many speakers pointed to the tragedy that pork still exists in the budget, despite the initial victory of anti-pork protests. Two subsequent Supreme Court rulings have declared two kinds of pork, one by legislators and one by the executive, as unconstitutional. Yet, in disclosures by Makabayan legislators and other anti-pork groups, such as the presentation at the People’s Congress to Abolish Pork by Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, pork remains as big lumps in the budget.

“We define pork barrel as lump sum, funds that are not designated, over which few or just one would decide where it will be spent,” Mananzan said at Luneta.

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Lotto Results Today - PCSO
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Evening 9pm: 18-03
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Evening 9:00 pm: 6-9-3
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4Digit Luzon & Vismin
9pm: 8-7-7-8
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BINGO Milyonaryo
9pm: B = 5 I = 3 N = 9 G = 7 O = 15 M = 05
4pm: B = 1 I = 6 N = 7 G = 9 O = 24 M = 16
11am: B = 9 I = 0 N = 8 G = 5 O = 02 M = 02
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Mega 6/45 National Lottery
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