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Suertres Tips/Swertres Tips of the Philippines and Lotto Results Today - Jul 28 2014
 The President’s fifth Sona

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    27 Jul 2014
    Written by Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II / Rising Sun

TODAY President  Aquino will give his fifth State of the Nation Address (Sona) and deliver to Filipinos, and to the world, a “report card” on the country’s current condition.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution provides that the President shall deliver the Sona before Congress every fourth Monday of July.

This is an opportunity for President Aquino to present to the public his administration’s accomplishments in the past year.

The highlight of last year’s Sona was the news about the Bangsamoro pact, hailed here and abroad as a step forward in nation-building and in the development of Mindanao, which has been disrupted by armed conflict and political disputes for so many years.

It is possible that today’s Sona will note economic milestones and opportunities for growth. Despite the depredations of typhoons this year, the Philippines’s sound macroeconomic fundamentals are expected to prop up domestic growth in the face of an expected slower growth pace in other countries in the region.

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