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Jul 06 2013 Philippine Suertres/Swertres Tips and Lotto Results

Get Real
Informal settlers and water rates
By Solita Collas-Monsod
Philippine Daily Inquirer
11:30 pm | Friday, July 5th, 2013

I haven’t done an actual count, but it seems that the past week has had more than its share of news stories worthy of comment or analysis, and I don’t want to pass up the chance to get in my licks. So I ask the Reader for her forbearance as I tackle more than one issue in this column, not necessarily in the order of their importance.

For Metro Manilans in particular, but with application to all highly urbanized areas, there is the issue of informal settlers, and the controversies arising from them. But let us start with a definition of informal settlers, who obviously are those who live in informal settlements. So what is an informal settlement? The UN Habitat Program defines it as a residential area where a group of housing units has been constructed on land to which the occupants have no legal claim, or which they occupy illegally, and/or unplanned settlements and areas where housing is not in compliance with current planning and building regulations (unauthorized housing).

The latest incident to grab the headlines was the confrontation between the police and the apparently last holdover families—estimated at 1,500 to 2,000 of the original 10,000-12,000 families who were unauthorized/illegally occupying a 29-hectare property of the National Housing Authority which had been sold to the Ayalas for development.

The property had been squatted on for decades, but one does not know whether the informal settlers were paying rent to so-called squatter lords, or whether they were living there rent-free. If squatter lords were involved, these are generally believed to be members of the police or military—who are feared by the local residents and at the same time are treated gingerly by the local politicians, who are suspected of getting a cut anyway from the enormous rents being exacted from the informal settlers. On the other hand, if the informal settlers were living rent-free, then obviously they were being rewarded for breaking the law, which does not give them any incentive for being the law-abiding citizens that the country needs.

What horrified many, and turned off any public sympathy for the holdover families, was their use of feces as weapons against the police. Apparently, in these confrontations throwing sticks and stones and Molotov cocktails are acceptable, but throwing feces goes beyond the pale.

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These are today's Suertres/Swertres Lotto tips;
Yesterday's results are at the bottom


Yesterday's Philippine PCSO Draw Results
For July 05, 2013 Friday

EZ2 Lotto
Morning 11am: 30-17
Afternoon 4pm: 11-08
Evening 9pm: 31-30
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

Suertres Lotto Luzon Vis-Min
Morning 11:00 am: 8-1-3
Afternoon 4:00 pm: 4-2-3
Evening 9:00 pm: 6-9-7
Winning numbers in exact order
Php: 4,500 per 10 peso play

4Digit Luzon & Vismin
9pm: 4-8-4-7
Winning numbers in exact order

BINGO Milyonaryo
9pm: B = 1 I = 5 N = 0 G = 0 O = 38 M = 15
4pm: B = 2 I = 6 N = 4 G = 5 O = 13 M = 19
11am: B = 2 I = 0 N = 7 G = 5 O = 19 M = 11
Winning numbers in exact order

Mega 6/45 National Lottery
Current Jackpot: P14,843,592.00
Winning numbers in any order

For best results, it is suggested to always employ rumble on the tips above.
* = Hot Numbers
** = Very Hot Numbers
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