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May 25 2013 Philippine Suertres/Swertres Tips and Lotto Results

FIRST PERSON By Alex Magno (The Philippine Star) | Updated May 25, 2013 - 12:00am

Few have actually read Dan Brown’s new novel, Inferno, when MMDA chair Francis Tolentino began ranting about a description there of Manila as the “gates of hell.” Tolentino was soon joined in that rant by Palace mouthpieces who have a propensity for commenting on everything, including the marital problems of movie stars.

Abigail Valte, grabbing the opportunity to talk about something other than Taiwan (although with the same vacuity), expressed the thought that readers of the now-controversial novel will not believe the things said there. Good grief, this is a work of fiction. Belief has nothing to do with enjoying fiction. Maybe the postponement of doubt, but never belief.

Before Tolentino began ranting about a work of fiction, demanding an apology from its author, I had intended to use this weekend column to do some ranting of my own about how Manila is a city incredibly cruel to its citizens. He preempted my own rant, pushing it to the bottom half of this space.

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me state here that I am a great admirer of Dan Brown. His Da Vinci Code is thoroughly absorbing, a tribute to the adage that a work of fiction becomes compelling when it skillfully weaves fibers of truth into the fabric of good storytelling.

I have not read Inferno, but will do so soon. I doubt if Tolentino actually read the novel, where, I am told, the description of Manila as the “gates of hell” comes in the course of narrating the tragic story of a foreigner who dared wander into the city’s streets. Manila figures merely as the milieu for personal trauma, which is probably apt.

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These are today's Suertres/Swertres Lotto tips; Yesterday's results are at the bottom


Yesterday's Philippine PCSO Draw Results
For May 24, 2013 Friday

EZ2 Lotto
Morning 11am: 29-24
Afternoon 4pm: 22-12
Evening 9pm: 27-22
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

Suertres Lotto Luzon Vis-Min
Morning 11:00 am: 8-8-4
Afternoon 4:00 pm: 4-5-5
Evening 9:00 pm: 0-5-0
Winning numbers in exact order
Php: 4,500 per 10 peso play

4Digit Luzon & Vismin
9pm: 3-3-6-1
Winning numbers in exact order

Mega 6/45 National Lottery
Current Jackpot: P11,862,012.00
Winning numbers in any order

 For best results, it is suggested to always employ rumble on the tips above.
* = Hot Numbers
** = Very Hot Numbers

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