Wednesday, October 10, 2012

McDonald's employees sue co-worker, alleging lottery fraud

McDonald's employees sue co-worker, alleging lottery fraud
Published October 09, 2012

A group of McDonald’s employees last month filed a civil lawsuit against a co-worker they say defrauded the Maryland Lottery to avoid having to split the $656 million fortune with them, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Mirlande Wilson, 37, became something of an overnight celebrity when she held a press conference last April claiming to be the winner of the huge jackpot. She told reporters that she hid the ticket at the McDonald’s where she worked, but later said she lost it.

    "We won"

- Mirlande Wilson allegedly told a few co-workers after the lotto drawing

McDonald's workers at the time said they had pooled their money together and put Wilson in charge of purchasing the tickets. To be sure, the complaint says Wilson even told a few co-workers that "we won," reported, citing the complaint.

Three public school educators, however, called the “Three Amigos,” later claimed the winning ticket, the report said. The McDonald’s employees claim that Wilson conspired with the "Three Amigos" in order to keep a larger chunk of the winnings.

"Since that time, defendant Wilson has repeatedly admitted that those individuals were mere nominees, on her behalf, and that arrangements had been made to ensure that she would later receive nearly all the lottery proceeds," the complaint states, according to

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