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September 06 2012 Philippine Suertres/Swertres Tips and Lotto Results

China's intentions for Phl were prophesied in Lipa
SHOOTING STRAIGHT By Bobit S. Avila (The Philippine Star) Updated September 06, 2012 12:00 AM

The colored photos of China’s expansion on “Mischief Reef” which was shown in the front page of The Philippine STAR is clear and visible proof that China intends to stay in this reef regardless of what we Filipinos think about this problem. Perhaps now is the time to ask ourselves, what really are the plans of China for the Philippines? Are they merely contented with staying in a miniscule Mischief Reef or are we seeing some kind of a bigger, albeit a more sinister plan to take over the Philippines?

I’m sure that a lot of Filipinos believe that China would never dare invade the Philippines. Well, I already pointed out a few columns ago that these are the same thoughts of some Filipinos 71 years ago when they were asked whether Japan would invade the Philippines or not. In those days, the Philippines was still a Commonwealth nation under the United States, hence few people entertained the idea of Japan invading the Philippines because it would provoke a war with the United States. The bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 proved all those skeptics wrong.

Today Filipinos are wondering what really is the intention of China? In case people already forgot, China’s intentions for the Philippines was already prophesied 63 years ago. Yes, on Oct. 17, 1949, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared before Sister Teresita “Teresing” Castillo at the San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa City, Batangas. I’m not inventing this, you can read it in a pamphlet entitled “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace” by Teresita L. Castillo. But only people with a strong faith believe this as true.

So what did our Mama Mary say about China on Oct. 17, 1949? She said, “Pray hard for China’s dream to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites. Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction. Prayers, sacrifices self-denials and the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary will soften the heart of my Son as I said before.” If you want to verify whether this is true or not, please call Archbishop of Lipa Ramon Arg├╝elles and he will even tell you that there’s more to this!

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These are today's Suertres/Swertres Lotto tips; Yesterday's results are at the bottom


Yesterday's Philippine PCSO Draw Results
For September 05, 2012 Wednesday

EZ2 Lotto
Morning 11am: 08-25
Afternoon 4pm: 13-05
Evening 9pm: 03-11
Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

Suertres Lotto Luzon Vis-Min
Morning 11:00 am: 8-7-7
Afternoon 4:00 pm: 4-3-3
Evening 9:00 pm: 2-6-1
Winning numbers in exact order
Php: 4,500 per 10 peso play

4Digit Luzon & Vismin
9pm: 5-7-3-7
Winning numbers in exact order

Mega 6/45 National Lottery
Current Jackpot: Php 7,946,992.80
Winning numbers in any order

Grand 6/55 Lotto
Current Jackpot: P220,713,217.20
Winning numbers in any order

For best results, it is suggested to always employ rumble on the tips above.
* = Hot Numbers
** = Very Hot Numbers

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