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Lotto love rat hubby chases half of €5.8m windfall

Lotto love rat hubby chases half of €5.8m windfall

Published: 21st September 2012

A MILLIONAIRE mum and her love-rat husband last night geared up for a bitter court battle over a €5.8million lotto windfall.
Patricia Daly, 40, from Tullamore, Co Offaly, and Jamie Eisel are divorcing after an 18-month battle.

The love cheat is demanding that she hand over half of the jackpot — despite leaving her for another woman BEFORE she purchased the lucky lotto ticket.

Eisel rejected her settlement offer of €730,000 and is now going after half of the windfall. The 41-year-old has also strung the case out for so long by insisting it come to trial.

The hearing, taking place at the matrimonial division of the Nassau County Supreme Court in Mineola, New York, has sparked huge interest in the States.

Ms Daly could be interrogated about intimate details of her personal life and her financial affairs.

And their three children Cory, 11, Ryan, nine, and Liam, five, could even be questioned by the judge.

Ms Daly scooped the prize in January last year — at which stage she and Eisel had been separated for months.

Eight months later, in September, he filed for divorce and got a court to freeze the jackpot so that Ms Daly had to live on a meagre stipend.

She had to make ends meet in her rented apartment in Long Beach, New York, whilst working in a local bar.

Eisel is a steelworker and foreman of his local trade union. He has also been the subject of $8,000 worth of claims by three banks and the state. He was slammed last summer after refusing Ms Daly’s request for some extra money from the winnings to take their children on a summer holiday.

When asked to justify himself, he said: “I don’t care what people in Ireland think of me.”

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