Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PCSO Produces 1,763 ‘Instant Millionaires’

PCSO Produces 1,763 ‘Instant Millionaires’

July 31, 2012, 7:26pm

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), from 1995 to June 2012, has now produced a total of 1,763 "Instant Millionaires" through its four major on-line lotteries, with a combined jackpot payout of P32,292,482,596.20.

PCSO data showed that from 1995 to June 2012, 6/42 has created 857 "Instant Millionaires" (IMs) with a total payout of P9,748,254,139.56; 6/45, 659 IMs and P11,426,604,138.84; 6/49, 230 IMs and P8,753,578,440.60; and 6/55, 17 IMs and P2,364,045,877.20.

PCSO allocates from every peso from lotto bets 55 percent for Prize Fund, 30 percent for Charity Fund, and 15 percent for Operating Fund. Prizes unclaimed after year are forfeited and transferred to the Charity Fund.

More figures showed that for six months in 2012, from January 2 to June 30, 6/42 has 26 IMs and P263,637,190.20 payout; 6/45, 24 IMs and P335,875,192.20; 6/49, 12 IMs and P459,620,662.80; and 6/55, five IMs and P535,656,856.80.

For 2010 all four lotto games registered 118 IMs and P3,166,123,605.80 payout; and in 2011, 128 IMs and P2,889,976,021.

PCSO last introduced 6/55 in April 2010.


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