Saturday, July 28, 2012

£5million Lotto beast raped me at knifepoint... and burned kids’ rabbit

£5million Lotto beast raped me at knifepoint... and burned kids’ rabbit

Ordeal ... Gail Vincent endured 17 years with evil lover

Ray Collins
Published: Today at 00:13

THE ex-girlfriend of Lotto fiend Edward Putman told last night how the sadistic brute put a 6in knife to her throat and raped her.

Gail Vincent, 51, said Putman — who won £5million in 2009 — also savagely beat her and drove her to the brink of suicide.

Putman, 47, who served four years for raping a girl of 17 in 1991, even burnt her children’s pet rabbit and guinea pig alive — and battered their puppy.

Distraught Gail spoke of their 17-year relationship after Putman was jailed for claiming £13,000 in benefits despite his millions. She said: “I was petrified of him. He was like a ticking timebomb — you never knew when he’d go off.

“But the worst night was when he raped me while holding a knife to my throat. I thought I was done for. When he finished he said, ‘What does it feel like to be raped by a rapist?’ It made me sick. He revolted me.”

Gail said Putman also pushed her downstairs when she was eight months pregnant, almost killing their unborn baby. And he threatened to kill her by “cutting her up” in front of her three children.

Support worker Gail — who first met alcoholic Putman in 1984 — added: “Another time he sneaked into the back garden and set fire to my pet rabbit and guinea pig in their hutch.

“Me and the children woke the next day and found the charred remains of our pets. It was horrific.


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