Friday, June 15, 2012

PCSO Releases Lotto Outlet Franchise Requirements

PCSO Releases Lotto Outlet Franchise Requirements

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes office or PCSO has released the official requirements for applying and getting a Philippine Lotto franchise outlet.

We've given the step by step procedure below just in case you want to know how to apply for a lotto outlet franchise today.

First, the applicant should fill-up the On-Line Lottery Application Form available in the PCSO office. The form will have as attachments the sketch or location map of the proposed lotto outlet site, and a photo of the building of the proposed lotto outlet site.

The applicant must then wait for PCSO to conduct inspection and technical evaluation of the proposed outlet site.

The applicant will then be informed of the evaluation result after a few days, to a week. If approved, the applicant will need to pass more requirements as listed in the approval letter to be sent by PCSO.

After submission, PCSO shall notify the applicant if the communication facilities needed for the lotto outlet is already available for installation.

Upon receipt of that letter, the applicant must now initiate the fabrication of the lotto franchise booth, and wait for the PCSO terminal installation.

The applicant must then pay for the processing fee, installation fee and give a surety bond to the GSIS.

The applicant must then attend a training seminar to learn about proper day to day operations and use of the terminal.

Finally, the applicant will sign the Agency Contract with the PCSO and their terminal will be activated, ready to sell lotto tickets.

Requirements for applying as a lotto franchisee:
FILIPINO citizen; at least 21 years old.
Submission of:
Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2);
Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2) of spouse;
Letter of INTENT;

Proof of Income;
For Self-employed: Income Tax Return, Registration of Business and Audited Financial Statements
For Employed: Income Tax Return, Registration of Business Audited Financial Statements and Certificate of Income

You can also visit for more details and to learn about their lotto franchise outlet hotline.

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